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After spending many years managing luxury resort hair studios and falling in love with specialised wedding hair style, this talented and creative dedicated wedding hair stylist loves nothing more than initiating beautiful bridal concepts for her individual clients needs. One of the most gorgeous gals you will ever meet, Nicola dishes up the goods on upcoming trends and some of her favourite current styles. When it comes to pre-wedding preparation, there’s nothing better than first hand advice from an expert, read on as we are delighted with plenty of helpful tips, advice and planning assistance, and guidance for navigating your way through wisps, waves, ponytails, messy buns, and so much more!



‘I feel blessed to love what I do and so thankful that bride after bride has trusted and loved having me create their perfect wedding day hairstyle. Nicola x’

Tell us your story, the journey behind your brand, the reason for your business.

My Business “Hair by Nicola” began 12 years ago and was the start of realising where my passion and love of hairdressing was – Bridal Hair! I was inspired into the industry after seeing many weddings while working and managing resort Hair Salons and Day Spa’s, including Hyatt Coolum, Sheraton Noosa, Stamford Plaza and in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Hair By Nicola really just evolved from an organic love of what I do “creating beautiful hairstyles”. I often get lost in the moment when I am styling… It is my time out.

I have made so many connections within the Sunshine Coast with the best of the best in the industry. It really is a beautiful network of wedding vendors supporting each other. I am enjoying the growth of the business and the industry as a whole.

What trends have you noticed in hair styling and how do you see this being adapted into bridal looks?

Natural looking styling rather than anything that looks to overdone. Hair still has to have movement and softness.

My favourite styling range that I use and love is Kevin Murphy. They are amazing as they don’t make the hair look like it is full of product but still maintains a beautiful hold. Plus they smell amazing.

Are you mobile?

Yes I come to you on your wedding day and am based out of the boutique studio “Hunted Concept” in Maroochydore for hair trials. Most my work is based on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland and Brisbane. I am also happy to travel to other destinations.

What advice would you give brides to be searching for that perfect bridal hair style?

The perfect bridal hairstyle is a style that suits you and that you feel comfortable wearing. “A better version of yourself”. Feminine and unique. I would suggest having purchased your wedding dress before deciding on your hairstyle so that they compliment each other. Your dress is your feature so you don’t want to overshadow that with busy hair.

Consider styles that also work for your hair type and will last throughout the day without feeling like you need to worry about waves dropping or loosing volume.

A great option is to add in some clip in hair extensions if this is the case as they support your own hair with waves and volume if your hair is fine.

Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful places to visit for hair inspiration.

Tell us a little bit about your process, from enquiry to booking stages, to delivery of your services on the wedding day.

On enquiry I email my rates and booking information details along with a quote.

If the bride is happy and would like to proceed with the booking, I email a deposit invoice. This payment secures the date, I only book 1 wedding per day so this process ensures the bride that the date is hers.
We then set up a date and time for a hair trial appointment. I try and coordinate this with the brides other suppliers on the Coast if she is travelling and wanting to meet up with a few vendors on the same day. Also a great opportunity to try and schedule a hair and makeup trial on the same day so that the bride can see her look start to come together. At the trial we go through wedding day details, bridal look, bridesmaids ect and timing on the day.I then touch base in the week leading up to the wedding and look forward to joining the bride and her wedding party on her wedding morning preparations. I always like to allow plenty of time to keep the morning nice and relaxed and flowing in with the makeup artist.

Given the opportunity, what are your three hair items you would take along to a deserted island?

* Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair (cannot live without this magic can)
* Kevin Murphy Angel Wash Shampoo and Conditioner ( I love and need clean hair)
* Hair Band

In 5 words describe your favourite bridal beauty look!

Naturally glamorous and effortlessly romantic.

Is a hair trial an essential part of the wedding hair styling process?

Yes, I believe it is so worth having a hair trial before your wedding day. Your hair and makeup sets the tone for your overall beauty look and such a major part of how you will feel on your day. We meet and go through ideas and inspiration together for you and your wedding party and I get a feel of your wedding style . I am able to work with your hair and see how it responds to different waves ect and you have a sneak preview of your hair before the day and see if their are any changes that you wish to make, leaving you to feeling confident and beautiful on your wedding day. I am based out of the gorgeous studio “Hunted Concept in Ocean Street, Maroochydore for hair trials.

When is the best time to engage and book your services pre-wedding planning?

I suggest booking your bridal hair stylist once your have your
* Wedding date
* Wedding venue
* and Finalised the number of ladies that would be with you on your wedding morning for hair styling.

I also recommend confirming the booking once you are happy with the information/ quote provided to you as soon as you can as you don’t want to be disappointed if the date does book up and you are unable to secure the stylist you are wanting.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Being apart of a brides wedding day is such a privilege. From meeting at the hair trial to seeing it all come together on the day.

So many beautiful moments and memories have been shared. Seeing a brides face filled with emotion when she looks in the mirror once her hair and makeup is completed and also the first look on her family/bridesmaids (especially Dad) and when she walks out of the room in her wedding dress. Seeing it all come together.

Also getting to see some of my favourite wedding suppliers 🙂

Hot tip for 2020 and beyond bridal hair trends?

Bridal Hair – romantic, elegant and effortlessly luxe..

A couple of styles that I am currently doing and also what I think will be seen a lot over the next 12 months.
*  low textured bun
*  chignon that is relaxed yet sophisticated.
* I think we will also see many brides wearing chic ponytails down the aisle…… glamorous high set wavy ones positioned at the crown to low set ponies tied at the nape of the neck.
* Boho lovers will mess it up with the a half undo knot and soft waves.
* Glamor Brides with loose waves with a smooth finish

I adore hair that is naturally modern and fresh.

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